Eskapism is a unique project of two musicians from Western Ukraine, created in the spring of 2015, which represents a aggressive guitar riffs and drums inherent music in the genre of Black Metal, melodic and atmospheric keyboards arrangements, poetry on the grandeur of nature and the night, their beauty and originality. Except own poetry in the songs Eskapism incorporates poetic structure of various other Ukranian Poets as well.










Eskapism 2017






"We made the first song after the moment when I moved from my hometown to Lviv and it was “..You’re Talking By Runes..”.  Maybe 3 months ago was born the second track “The Sad Moon Is Rising In the Sky” after this we had a long pause for one year. In the end of summer 2016 we’re started work on new material and in Autumn all songs were done and I’ve started work on mixing and mastering."  /Zymobor 

                 From interview for METAL CENTRE about begining.

 August, 2017


In the 1-st of February, 2017 first album "Tales Of Elder Foerst" was released on CD via polish label "Wolfspell Records", limited to 500 copies.


In the 18-th of August in the same year  "Tales Of Elder Forest" album was released on cassettes (100 copies) via "Fólkvangr Records" label based in USA.










Eskapism, 2018





The 18-th of February, 2017 musicians released digital release - new single "Lost Land" 

The  29-th of January, 2019 was released EP "De Planctu Naturae" in digital format

and later 5-th of March this EP was released physically. 










Eskapism, 2019




The 21-st of June 2019 was the release date for new second full-length album
"Ancient Songs Of The Wind". To record drums for this album Mika Salmi joined the band.